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Flexographic printers and graphic machines

AcessFlexo is a company focused on engineering and projects in flexographic machines, laminadoras and creadoras, being national and imported machines of reference in graphical solution, it has a logistics and global infrastructure to meet the market demand in customized projects with differential, adding products and services of value .

Specialized in graphic solutions in flexible printing in the most diverse types of materials.

Our experience

AcessFlexo is born after 15 years of experience in the management and manufacturing of flexographic printing machines, laminators and accessories for flexo line.

Thus, guaranteeing its customers the desired result.



AcessFlexo is a company of Representation and management in engineering and projects in flexographic machines, laminadoras and cut vincos, national and imported being reference in graphic solution, it has a logistics and global infrastructure to meet the market demand in customized projects with differential, thus adding value to customers’ products and services.

Specialized in graphic solutions in flexible printing in the most diverse types of materials

Our partner in the manufacture of flexo printing machines and spare parts!

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To serve the market and consolidate our Acessflexo brand worldwide we have a great international experience in industrial management and production, applying know-how in raw material, boilermaking, laser and plasma cutting, light and heavy machining, inspection reports and certificates, meeting the demand of the industries in its various segments.

Partnerships with American and Asian companies in the same segment to strengthen business and opportunities together – Nationalization of projects and development of solutions at the best cost benefit.

MISSION: To attend with excellence to the demands of the clients and their necessities, supplying the best flexographic printers and other products, searching for innovative solutions.

VISION: To be the best flexographic solution company in the world.

VALUES: Respect to Clients; Security and Integrity; Search for excellence; Innovation; Respect for the Environment.


AcessFlexo is aware of the need to preserve the environment and for this, it looks for ways to help in preservation.
Concerned about contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet, it performs some simple but important measures.

Making internal campaigns for its employees, always showing the power of responsibility for environmental preservation.

The initiatives of AcessFlexo aim to consolidate with its mission, vision and values.

Social responsability

The commitment of AcessFlexo with sustainability goes beyond its business and extends to the communities where it is inserted.

Our social responsibility policy includes respect for our employees and investment in actions that benefit poor communities and philanthropic entities. Among these actions, we can highlight cultural and social projects. Always seeking to work with society, thinking about the future of the new generations.

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Flexographic Printers New

Meet our portfolio of flexographic machines and our parts and accessories. All printers are reviewed and regulated before being resold.

Flexographic Printers Used

We have used flexographic printers, which are reviewed and regulated before being resold.

Gearless Flexographic Printers

Get to know our catalog of flexo presses Gearless, with several options of models of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 colors

Cutting and Turning Machines

We have several options of automatic creasing machines with coils to facilitate and speed up your graphic production.

Flexographic Narrow Band

We have some options of narrowband flexographic machines, which can be modification.

Machinery Resale

– You want to sell your flexographic machine?

– Do you want to buy used machines?

All machines that are resold go through an evaluation process, update and adjustments made by a team highly qualified and experienced in the market.

Maintenance and Support

If there is any problem with your flexographic machine, be it alignment, accessory or productivity, please contact us.

Let’s make a thorough diagnosis to modernize your machine to ensure higher print quality and add productivity to your business.

Parts & Accessories

We offer our clients complete solutions in parts and accessories used in the printing industry: Printing Group, Gears, etc …

We are part of a global network of professionals in the field of flexography and we will find the best solution for your project whether with national or imported parts; new or used.


AcessFlexo is a synonym of trust in the national and international market, and for this reason they have been growing year by year, expanding and improving their structure, team and market share

With a focus on innovation and technology, AcessFlexo has as policy of action the development of flexo solutions, applied in the machines and manufactured equipment.

AcessFlexo develops special projects, such as the Flexo Gearless Print printer that has 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 color printing and widths from 600 to 2000mm, where our differential is the technology employed and flexibility in the projects, adding an excellent result cost benefit.

AcessFlexo has a great partnership with LMC, a company specialized in custom projects, located in the USA, proposes support and technology to serve the World market. We believe that differentiated products add value and differential in the increasingly competitive market.

In addition to this partnership, we work with World suppliers providing technical assistance, after-sales service, quality and technology. Ensuring success in requested projects.

We believe that our products generate solutions with low costs.

We have flexibility, tradition and experience, so we are reference in the world market of machines and industrial equipment.


AcessFlexo has a team ready to assist you. We are available and will respond as soon as possible!

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